Unraveling the Enigma: The Ancient Kingdom and its Downfall in One Piece


One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, is a treasure trove of mysteries and hidden secrets. Among these enigmas is the ancient kingdom, a long-lost civilization that played a significant role in shaping the world’s history. In this three-part article series, we will delve into the truth behind the ancient kingdom, exploring its origins, the reasons for its downfall, and the impact it has had on the world of One Piece.

The Rise of the Ancient Kingdom

The ancient kingdom was a powerful and prosperous civilization that existed thousands of years ago in the world of One Piece. This kingdom possessed advanced knowledge and technology far beyond what is currently known. Its influence and reach extended throughout the world, bringing about an era of harmony and coexistence among different races and civilizations.

The Ancient Weapons

Central to the power and significance of the ancient kingdom were the ancient weapons. These weapons, known as Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus, possessed incredible destructive capabilities. Pluton was a legendary battleship capable of mass destruction, Poseidon granted the ability to communicate and control the Sea Kings, and Uranus remains shrouded in mystery, with its true nature yet to be revealed. The ancient kingdom had the responsibility of safeguarding these weapons, using them only for the greater good.

The Void Century

The ancient kingdom’s history, known as the Void Century, is a period of time deliberately erased from the world’s collective memory. The World Government, fearing the truth that the Void Century holds, has systematically suppressed any knowledge of this era. The Poneglyphs, ancient stone tablets scattered across the world, contain fragments of the truth about the ancient kingdom, and those who can decipher their secrets may uncover the world’s hidden past.

The Downfall of the Ancient Kingdom

The reasons behind the downfall of the ancient kingdom remain a subject of speculation and debate. Some theories suggest that the ancient kingdom’s pursuit of freedom and equality clashed with the oppressive ideals of the emerging World Government. Others speculate that internal conflicts or external forces played a role in its demise. Regardless, the World Government succeeded in eradicating the ancient kingdom, erasing its history, and seizing control over the ancient weapons.

The Poneglyphs: Messages from the Past

The Poneglyphs are ancient stone tablets inscribed with a unique script known as the “ancient language.” These tablets were created by the ancient kingdom to preserve their history and pass down their knowledge. The Poneglyphs are scattered throughout the world, hidden in remote and dangerous locations, making their discovery a challenging task. Those who can decipher their messages gain access to valuable information about the ancient kingdom and the Void Century.

The Road Poneglyphs

Among the Poneglyphs, a special set known as the Road Poneglyphs holds the key to finding the ancient kingdom’s ultimate location, Raftel, and the legendary treasure, the One Piece. There are four Road Poneglyphs, and it is said that by gathering and aligning their information, one can uncover the path to the ancient kingdom’s final destination. These Poneglyphs are sought after by pirates, the World Government, and various factions, each driven by their own motives.

The Poneglyph Seekers

Several individuals and groups in the world of One Piece are dedicated to deciphering the secrets of the Poneglyphs. The most prominent among them is the archaeologist Nico Robin, who possesses the unique ability to read the ancient language. Robin’s knowledge and skills make her a valuable asset and a target for those seeking to exploit the Poneglyphs’ power. Other notable Poneglyph seekers include the Straw Hat Pirates, the Revolutionary Army, and certain members of the World Government.

The World Government’s Suppression

The World Government, fearing the revelations that the Poneglyphs may bring, has taken active measures to suppress any knowledge related to the ancient kingdom and the Void Century. Their efforts include the destruction of Poneglyphs, the persecution of Poneglyph scholars, and the imposition of strict regulations to prevent the dissemination of historical information. The World Government’s actions reflect their desire to maintain their control over the world and keep the secrets of the past buried.

The True History

The ancient kingdom’s true history, known as the Void Century, is a subject shrouded in mystery and secrecy. The revelation of this lost chapter would undoubtedly disrupt the status quo and challenge the authority of the World Government. The Void Century’s knowledge holds the potential to change the perception of the current world order and inspire a wave of revolution against the oppressive regime that seeks to maintain control.

The Will of D.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the ancient kingdom’s legacy is the recurring initial “D.” carried by certain characters throughout the One Piece storyline. This enigmatic connection suggests that these individuals are descendants of the ancient kingdom and hold a deep-seated will to challenge the established order. The meaning behind the “Will of D.” and its role in shaping the fate of the world remains a subject of speculation and anticipation.

A World in Flux

The revelation of the ancient kingdom’s history has the potential to trigger significant changes and upheavals in the world of One Piece. The knowledge hidden within the Poneglyphs could unite factions and ignite a war against the World Government. The impact on the Great Pirate Era, the balance of power among the Yonko, and the fate of the Grand Line would be profound. The ancient kingdom’s legacy holds the key to shaping the future of the One Piece world.

The One Piece

At the heart of the ancient kingdom’s legacy lies the fabled treasure known as the One Piece. It is believed that discovering the One Piece will not only reveal the true history and secrets of the ancient kingdom but also grant the finder immense power and the ability to reshape the world. The pursuit of the One Piece drives countless pirates to embark on perilous journeys, each hoping to claim this legendary treasure and unlock the truth.


In this article , we have unveiled the legacy of the ancient kingdom and explored the potential impact of its revelation. The truth of the Void Century, the significance of the Will of D., and the quest for the One Piece hold the potential to reshape the world of One Piece as we know it. As the journey continues, the uncovering of the ancient kingdom’s secrets will drive the characters and captivate the imaginations of fans around the globe.

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