The Charlotte Family: A Formidable Force in the World of One Piece


In the vast and captivating world of One Piece, numerous powerful factions and individuals have emerged, each leaving an indelible mark on the narrative. Among these influential groups is the Charlotte Family, led by the fearsome pirate Yonko, Big Mom. With an impressive lineup of members, the Charlotte Family stands as a force to be reckoned with in both strength and influence. In this three-part series, we will delve into the depths of the Charlotte Family, exploring the strengths, skills, and battle histories of its prominent members, excluding the impact and fan reception. So, let’s embark on this journey and uncover the secrets behind the might of the Charlotte Family.

Background and Origins of the Charlotte Family

The Charlotte Family traces its roots back to the ambitious matriarch, Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom. Born on the island of Elbaf, Linlin possessed an insatiable appetite, immense strength, and a unique ability called Soru Soru no Mi, which allows her to manipulate souls. Her insatiable hunger and ambition drove her to form her own pirate crew and establish the formidable Charlotte Family.

Under Big Mom’s leadership, the Charlotte Family expanded its influence across the seas, gaining control over numerous territories and islands. The family consists of a vast array of diverse members, each possessing their own distinct skills and abilities. From fearsome fighters to cunning strategists, the Charlotte Family boasts a wide range of talents that have solidified their reputation as one of the most powerful forces in the One Piece universe.

The Charlotte Siblings: The Backbone of the Family

The core strength of the Charlotte Family lies in the formidable lineup of siblings that make up its ranks. Each sibling brings their unique abilities and strengths to the table, complementing one another and contributing to the family’s overall power. Let’s take a closer look at some of the prominent Charlotte siblings and their contributions to the family’s might:

Charlotte Katakuri: The Invincible Sweet Commander

Among the Charlotte siblings, Charlotte Katakuri, also known as Dogtooth, stands out as one of the most formidable fighters. As the eldest son of Big Mom, Katakuri holds the prestigious position of a Sweet Commander, leading a division of highly skilled fighters known as the Big Mom Pirates. With an imposing height, a muscular build, and an intimidating appearance, Katakuri strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Strength and Abilities

Katakuri possesses an incredibly powerful Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Mochi Mochi no Mi, which allows him to transform his body into mochi and manipulate it at will. This ability grants him exceptional elasticity, enabling him to stretch his limbs, create defensive barriers, and launch devastating attacks. Combined with his incredible observation Haki, which grants him an almost precognitive ability to see into the immediate future, Katakuri becomes an immensely challenging adversary to overcome.

Despite his fearsome appearance, Katakuri is a man of honor and integrity, often abiding by a strict code of conduct. His unwavering dedication to his family and duty has earned him the respect and admiration of his siblings and subordinates alike. Katakuri’s unparalleled combat skills, exceptional Haki proficiency, and tactical brilliance make him one of the most formidable members of the Charlotte Family.

Battle History

Katakuri has a long and storied battle history, having participated in numerous conflicts and engagements throughout his career as a pirate. One notable battle was his confrontation with Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the One Piece series. In their intense clash, Katakuri showcased his superior Haki abilities and combat prowess, initially overpowering Luffy with his advanced observation Haki. However, as the battle progressed, Luffy’s unwavering determination and growth forced Katakuri to acknowledge his strength and engage in an honorable fight.

The battle between Katakuri and Luffy was a testament to their respective strengths and resilience. Although Katakuri ultimately suffered defeat, he emerged as a symbol of unwavering loyalty and indomitable will. His reputation as an unstoppable force and his unwavering dedication to protecting his family solidify his position as one of the most revered members of the Charlotte Family.

Charlotte Smoothie: The Deceptive Juice Spouter

Another notable member of the Charlotte Family is Charlotte Smoothie, the 14th daughter of Big Mom. Known for her beauty and elegance, Smoothie possesses a unique ability that sets her apart from her siblings.

Strength and Abilities

Smoothie has consumed the Shibo Shibo no Mi Devil Fruit, a Paramecia-type ability that allows her to extract liquids from objects and living beings. By squeezing her victims or objects, she can drain them of their fluids, increasing her own size and strength in the process. This ability makes her an unpredictable and dangerous adversary in combat.

Smoothie’s combat skills are further enhanced by her proficiency in Busoshoku Haki, which enables her to coat her attacks with a powerful invisible armor. Her strategic mindset and keen intellect make her a valuable asset to the Charlotte Family, often playing a pivotal role in their operations.

Battle History

Smoothie’s battle history is shrouded in secrecy, with limited information available about her direct engagements. However, her presence during the infamous Whole Cake Island incident showcased her abilities as she clashed with members of the Straw Hat Pirates and other powerful adversaries. Smoothie’s calm demeanor and ability to adapt to various combat situations make her a formidable opponent, capable of turning the tide of battle in favor of the Charlotte Family.

Charlotte Cracker: The Master of Biscuit Soldiers

Charlotte Cracker, the tenth son of Big Mom, is a prominent member of the Charlotte Family and holds the position of a Sweet Commander. Known for his exceptional swordsmanship and tactical brilliance, Cracker is a force to be reckoned with.

Strength and Abilities

Cracker possesses a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Bisu Bisu no Mi, which grants him the ability to generate and manipulate biscuits at will. He can create sentient biscuit soldiers, which possess tremendous strength and durability, making them formidable opponents in battle. Cracker’s ability to conjure an army of biscuit soldiers serves as both an offensive and defensive mechanism, allowing him to overwhelm his adversaries.

In addition to his Devil Fruit power, Cracker is a master swordsman. He wields a massive sword named Pretzel, which is capable of inflicting devastating damage. His skill with the blade combined with his agility and speed make him a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat.

Battle History

Cracker’s most notable battle took place during the Whole Cake Island arc when he confronted Monkey D. Luffy. The clash between Cracker and Luffy showcased the Sweet Commander’s incredible strength and strategic thinking. Cracker’s biscuit soldiers proved to be a formidable obstacle for Luffy, forcing him to exhaust his stamina and creativity to overcome them.

Despite his initial advantage, Cracker eventually succumbed to Luffy’s tenacity and determination. Luffy’s Gear Fourth transformation, combined with his newfound understanding of Haki, allowed him to defeat Cracker and shatter the Sweet Commander’s reputation for invincibility. Nevertheless, Cracker’s skill, strength, and tactical acumen make him an integral part of the Charlotte Family’s power structure.

Charlotte Perospero: The Candy Manipulator

Charlotte Perospero, the eldest son of Big Mom, possesses a unique ability and a cunning mind that contribute to his prominence within the Charlotte Family.

Strength and Abilities

Perospero has consumed the Pero Pero no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants him the power to create and manipulate candy. He can shape candy into various forms, using it for offensive and defensive purposes. Additionally, Perospero’s ability allows him to create candy constructs, such as barriers or weapons, providing him with versatile combat options.

Beyond his Devil Fruit ability, Perospero is known for his cunning and strategic thinking. He possesses a sharp intellect and is often seen orchestrating plans and manipulating situations to benefit the Charlotte Family’s interests. His diplomatic skills and charisma make him an effective leader and a key asset to his siblings.

Battle History

Perospero’s battle history is characterized by his involvement in various conflicts orchestrated by the Charlotte Family. One notable encounter was during the Whole Cake Island arc when he clashed with the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. Perospero’s cunning nature and ability to manipulate candy became a significant obstacle for the opposing forces.

His strategic thinking and command over his candy abilities allowed him to create complex traps and barriers, hindering the progress of his enemies. However, his confrontations have not been without setbacks, as he has faced formidable opponents who have challenged his authority and tested his capabilities.

Stay tuned for the final part of this series, where we will conclude our analysis of the Charlotte Family, exploring more members and their contributions to the family’s strength and influence.

Charlotte Oven: The Scorching Hot Pursuer

Charlotte Oven, one of Big Mom’s sons, is a prominent member of the Charlotte Family, known for his fierce determination and ruthless pursuit of his targets.

Strength and Abilities

Oven possesses a unique ability known as Netsu Netsu no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to generate and control heat. This ability enables him to increase the temperature of his surroundings and manipulate fire to his advantage. Oven’s heat manipulation gives him an edge in battle, allowing him to launch devastating attacks and overwhelm his opponents with scorching intensity.

Additionally, Oven is a skilled combatant, proficient in hand-to-hand combat and armed combat. His relentless pursuit of his targets and his determination to eliminate any obstacles in his path make him a dangerous adversary.

Battle History

Oven’s battle history is intertwined with the Whole Cake Island arc, where he faced off against the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. During the conflict, Oven showcased his heat manipulation abilities, creating an intense and fiery battlefield. His relentless pursuit of the enemy, combined with his combat skills, posed a significant challenge for those who stood against him.

Despite his formidable presence, Oven was ultimately defeated by the collective efforts of the opposing forces. However, his tenacity and determination during battle exemplify the indomitable spirit of the Charlotte Family.

Charlotte Mont-d’Or: The Literary Mastermind

Charlotte Mont-d’Or, also known as the “King of Books,” is a high-ranking member of the Charlotte Family, known for his intellect and mastery of literature.

Strength and Abilities

Mont-d’Or’s strength lies not in physical combat, but in his vast knowledge and strategic acumen. He possesses a keen intellect and a comprehensive understanding of various subjects, which he utilizes to his advantage in both battle and governance. Mont-d’Or’s expertise in literature allows him to analyze situations, devise elaborate plans, and manipulate information to serve the interests of the Charlotte Family.

Battle History

Mont-d’Or’s battles are primarily fought in the realm of intellect and strategy. During the Whole Cake Island arc, he played a crucial role in orchestrating the wedding ceremony and subsequent events, using his knowledge of literature and manipulation of information to control the narrative. While he may not engage in direct physical combat, Mont-d’Or’s contributions in shaping the battlefield and influencing the outcome of conflicts should not be underestimated.


The Charlotte Family, led by the indomitable Yonko Big Mom, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of One Piece. From the powerful combatants like Katakuri and Cracker to the strategic masterminds like Perospero and Mont-d’Or, each member brings their unique strengths and skills to the family’s collective might. Together, they have shaped the narrative and left an enduring impact on the series.

As we conclude our exploration of the Charlotte Family, it is evident that their influence extends far and wide. From their battle histories to their diverse abilities, the members of the Charlotte Family have played pivotal roles in the events of One Piece. Their strengths and skills have not only made them formidable adversaries but have also added depth and complexity to the world Eiichiro Oda has created.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the Charlotte Family’s realm of power and influence. As the story of One Piece continues to unfold, we can only anticipate the further development and revelations surrounding this formidable pirate family.

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