Top 15 Funniest Moments in Dragon Ball Series


Dragon Ball, the iconic manga and anime series created by Akira Toriyama, has not only captivated fans with its epic battles and compelling storylines but also with its humor and comedic moments. From the misadventures of Goku and his friends to the antics of various quirky characters, Dragon Ball has provided countless laughs throughout its long history. In this three-part article series, we will explore the top ten funniest moments in the Dragon Ball series, highlighting the humor that has endeared the franchise to fans worldwide. So, get ready to laugh as we embark on this lighthearted journey through the world of Dragon Ball.

1. Goku and Piccolo’s Driving Lesson

One of the most hilarious moments in Dragon Ball occurs during Goku and Piccolo’s attempt to obtain driver’s licenses. Despite their extraordinary combat abilities, the two warriors struggle with the intricacies of operating a motor vehicle, leading to a series of comical mishaps.

From Goku mistaking the accelerator for the brake to Piccolo’s terrifying road rage, the driving lesson showcases the stark contrast between their superhuman abilities and their lack of knowledge in mundane tasks. This amusing episode perfectly balances action and comedy, reminding us that even the mightiest warriors can stumble when faced with everyday challenges.

2. The Ginyu Force’s Ridiculous Poses

The Ginyu Force, a team of flamboyant and eccentric warriors working under Frieza, provide plenty of comedic relief throughout the Namek saga. Their over-the-top personalities and hilarious poses never fail to elicit laughter.

From Recoome’s exaggerated speeches to Burter and Jeice’s inseparable duo routine, the Ginyu Force’s antics bring a light-hearted and comedic tone to the intense battles on Namek. Their extravagant entrances and absurd poses have become iconic and are remembered as some of the funniest moments in the Dragon Ball series.

3. Yamcha’s Misfortunes

Yamcha, one of the long-standing characters in the Dragon Ball series, has gained a reputation for being on the receiving end of humorous misfortunes. Whether it’s being knocked out by a Saibaman or being comically defeated in various battles, Yamcha’s comedic moments have become a running gag in the series.

His numerous embarrassing defeats and amusing reactions provide comic relief and a reminder that even the strongest warriors can have their fair share of embarrassing moments. Yamcha’s misfortunes have become an integral part of Dragon Ball’s humor and are often fondly remembered by fans.

4. Hercule’s Delusions of Grandeur

Hercule, also known as Mr. Satan, is a character known for his exaggerated self-importance and grandiose claims of being the strongest man in the world. His comedic moments stem from his constant need to maintain his public image and his often hilarious attempts to hide his true lack of strength.

Whether it’s taking credit for defeating Cell or his exaggerated reactions to minor threats, Hercule’s delusions of grandeur create comedic situations that provide a lighter tone in the face of intense battles. His humorous antics have made him a beloved character in the Dragon Ball series.

5. Goku’s Innocence and Naiveté

Goku’s childlike innocence and naiveté have provided numerous humorous moments throughout the series. From his inability to comprehend social norms to his hilarious misunderstandings, Goku’s pure-hearted nature often leads to comedic situations.

Whether he’s innocently mistaking a bathhouse for a fighting arena or his constant hunger and love for food, Goku’s endearing cluelessness and childlike wonder bring a charming humor to the series. His comedic moments serve as a reminder of his simple upbringing and his unyielding dedication to training and protecting his loved ones.

6. Goku and Piccolo Learning to Drive…Again

Continuing from our previous entry, Goku and Piccolo’s second attempt at obtaining driver’s licenses provides another round of laughter. Despite their previous misadventures, the two warriors find themselves back in driving school, struggling once more with the basics of operating a vehicle.

From Goku’s confusion between the gas pedal and the windshield wipers to Piccolo’s frustration with the complexities of the clutch, their hilarious antics and complete lack of understanding of the rules of the road make for a memorable and comical episode.

7. Krillin’s Bald Jokes

Krillin, the bald-headed martial artist and long-time friend of Goku, is often the target of humorous remarks about his lack of hair. Throughout the series, various characters, including Goku and Yamcha, frequently make light-hearted jokes at Krillin’s expense.

These bald jokes have become a recurring comedic element, showcasing Krillin’s ability to laugh at himself and embrace his unique appearance. Despite the teasing, Krillin remains a beloved character who contributes both humor and bravery to the Dragon Ball series.

8. Goten and Trunks’ Fusion Mishaps

Goten and Trunks, the mischievous young Saiyans and sons of Goku and Vegeta respectively, provide plenty of humorous moments with their attempts at fusion. The fusion dance, intended to create a powerful warrior, often results in comedic mishaps and comically mismatched personalities.

Whether it’s their failed attempts at performing the fusion dance or their inability to stay fused for an extended period, Goten and Trunks’ fusion antics offer light-hearted moments amidst the intense battles in the Dragon Ball series. Their youthful exuberance and humorous interactions bring a playful energy to the show.

9. Master Roshi’s Pervy Antics

Master Roshi, the wise but eccentric martial arts master, is known for his perverted nature and questionable behavior. His constant pursuit of women and his use of the Turtle Hermit School’s signature move, the “Dirty Old Man” technique, create humorous situations and garner laughs from audiences.

Master Roshi’s lecherous antics serve as a comedic foil to the more serious aspects of the Dragon Ball series. Despite his flaws, he remains a beloved character whose humorous moments add a touch of lightheartedness to the show.

10. Vegeta’s Unwillingness to Dance

Vegeta, the proud Saiyan prince, is known for his intense pride and stoic demeanor. His unwillingness to engage in seemingly frivolous activities, such as dancing, creates humorous moments when juxtaposed with the more light-hearted characters in the series.

Whether it’s his refusal to participate in the fusion dance or his disdain for the Great Saiyaman’s poses, Vegeta’s comedic resistance to certain activities adds a touch of humor to his otherwise serious personality. These moments offer a glimpse into his prideful and stubborn nature, often resulting in comical situations.

11. Yamcha’s Fear of Needles

Yamcha, despite his martial arts prowess, has an amusing phobia of needles. This fear is revealed during a medical examination, where he reacts comically and dramatically to the sight of a syringe.

Yamcha’s exaggerated response to the needle injects humor into the scene, showcasing his vulnerability and providing a light-hearted moment amidst the series’ intense battles. This recurring joke adds a playful touch to his character and reminds us that even the strongest warriors can have amusing quirks.

12. Mr. Popo’s Unorthodox Training Methods

Mr. Popo, the guardian of Kami’s lookout, is known for his unconventional and sometimes bizarre training methods. From making trainees fetch him snacks to jumping off cliffs, his training regimens often defy logic and result in humorous situations.

Mr. Popo’s unorthodox training methods bring a light-hearted and comedic tone to the series, providing a break from the more serious battles and showcasing his eccentricity. These moments offer a glimpse into his unique teaching style and elicit laughs from fans.

13. Oolong’s Transformations

Oolong, the shape-shifting pig, provides comedic relief through his ability to transform into various objects and creatures. Whether it’s transforming into a beautiful woman to deceive others or turning into a pair of underwear to fulfill his desires, Oolong’s transformations often lead to amusing situations.

His comical attempts to use his shape-shifting abilities for personal gain create humorous moments and highlight his mischievous nature. Oolong’s transformations serve as a reminder that not all powers in the Dragon Ball series are meant for heroic purposes.

14. Goku’s Eating Habits

Goku’s insatiable appetite and love for food are a constant source of humor in the series. From devouring copious amounts of food in a single sitting to his childlike joy when presented with a delicious meal, Goku’s eating habits never fail to amuse.

Whether he’s participating in a high-stakes battle or engaging in lighthearted moments with his friends, Goku’s passion for food adds a humorous element to his character. These moments showcase his innocent and carefree nature, reminding us that even a powerful warrior can be driven by simple pleasures.

15. Pilaf Gang’s Comedic Antics

The Pilaf Gang, consisting of Emperor Pilaf, Shu, and Mai, brings a lighthearted and comedic element to the Dragon Ball series. Their comical attempts to seize power and their constant failures provide laughs throughout the series.

From their bumbling schemes to their amusing interactions with other characters, the Pilaf Gang’s comedic antics create moments of levity and add a touch of charm to the show. Despite their villainous aspirations, they remain endearing characters whose humorous endeavors provide entertainment for viewers.


We have reached the end of our exploration of the top ten funniest moments in the Dragon Ball series. From Yamcha’s fear of needles to Oolong’s transformations, these comedic moments have brought laughter to fans of all ages. The humorous side of Dragon Ball adds a delightful charm to the series and balances the intense battles and dramatic storylines.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the funniest moments in the Dragon Ball series. May these moments continue to bring laughter and joy to fans as they relive the comedic brilliance of this beloved franchise.

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