Top 15 Dragon Ball Super Arcs Ranked


Dragon Ball Super, the sequel to the legendary Dragon Ball series, introduced fans to new adventures and epic battles that spanned across various arcs. From universe-threatening tournaments to clashes with powerful gods, Dragon Ball Super has offered a wide range of compelling storylines. In this three-part article series, we will delve into the top ten Dragon Ball Super arcs, ranked based on their strength, skills, and battle history. Get ready to relive the excitement and dive into the incredible world of Dragon Ball Super.

1. Tournament of Power Arc

The Tournament of Power arc stands as the pinnacle of Dragon Ball Super, showcasing an intense battle royale involving warriors from multiple universes. As Universe 7 fights to protect its existence, Goku and his allies face off against formidable opponents in an epic struggle for survival.

This arc features high-stakes battles, showcasing the diverse skill sets of the participants. From the teamwork of Universe 7 to the prodigious abilities of fighters like Jiren, the Tournament of Power arc offers a thrilling display of power and strategy. With the fate of entire universes hanging in the balance, this arc ranks as one of the most intense and action-packed in Dragon Ball Super.

2. Future Trunks Arc

The Future Trunks arc takes viewers on a journey through time and alternate realities, as Future Trunks seeks help from the present timeline to save his devastated world. This arc introduces the menacing Goku Black and the powerful Zamasu, who challenge our heroes in ways they have never experienced before.

The battles in this arc are emotionally charged, as Future Trunks faces the bleak consequences of his timeline’s destruction. Goku and Vegeta must confront their own limitations to protect the future and defeat the formidable foes. The Future Trunks arc offers a mix of intense action, time-travel complexities, and deep character development, making it a standout in Dragon Ball Super.

3. Universe Survival Arc

The Universe Survival arc centers around the grand event known as the Tournament of Power, where teams from different universes compete for their survival. With the threat of annihilation looming, Goku and his allies must fight alongside powerful warriors from other universes to secure their existence.

This arc showcases a wide array of fighters, each with their unique strengths and abilities. From Goku’s mastery of Ultra Instinct to the universe-shaking power of Jiren, the battles in the Universe Survival arc are packed with intensity and jaw-dropping moments. The exploration of different universes and the clash of diverse fighting styles add depth and excitement to this captivating arc.

4. Battle of Gods Arc

The Battle of Gods arc marks the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, introducing fans to new gods, divine battles, and the Super Saiyan God transformation. Beerus, the God of Destruction, awakens from his slumber and sets his sights on Goku, testing the Saiyan’s strength and resolve.

This arc delves into the realms of gods and mortals, showcasing the immense power of Beerus and the introduction of the Super Saiyan God form. The battles are visually stunning and serve as a bridge between the events of Dragon Ball Z and the new adventures of Dragon Ball Super. The Battle of Gods arc sets the stage for the epic saga that follows.

5. Resurrection ‘F’ Arc

The Resurrection ‘F’ arc brings the iconic villain Frieza back to life, as he seeks revenge against Goku and his friends. Frieza’s return forces Goku and Vegeta to push their limits and unlock new levels of power.

This arc delivers exciting battles, showcasing Goku’s new transformation, Super Saiyan Blue, and Vegeta’s fierce determination to protect Earth. The clash between Frieza’s forces and the Z-Fighters provides intense action and thrilling moments. The Resurrection ‘F’ arc pays homage to Dragon Ball’s rich history while introducing exciting new developments in Dragon Ball Super.

6. Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 Tournament Arc

The Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 Tournament arc introduces fans to new Saiyan warriors from Universe 6, such as Cabba and the female Saiyan Caulifla. Goku proposes a friendly tournament between the two universes to showcase their respective strengths.

This arc brings exhilarating battles and fascinating character interactions. Goku’s encounter with Hit, an assassin from Universe 6, pushes Goku to unlock his new transformation, Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken. The clash of universes offers fans a fresh perspective on the Saiyan race and serves as a platform to introduce new fan-favorite characters.

7. Golden Frieza Arc

The Golden Frieza arc expands on the events of the Resurrection ‘F’ movie, delving deeper into Frieza’s quest for revenge against Goku and the Z-Fighters. Frieza undergoes intense training, unlocking his new form, Golden Frieza, to overpower his adversaries.

This arc showcases intense battles between Golden Frieza and Goku, highlighting the Saiyan’s Super Saiyan Blue form. The clash of power and the determination of the Z-Fighters to protect Earth creates suspenseful moments and showcases the evolution of Frieza’s character. The Golden Frieza arc builds upon the iconic rivalry between Goku and Frieza while introducing new twists and surprises.

8. Universe Survival: Universe 6 Arc

The Universe Survival: Universe 6 arc is a precursor to the Tournament of Power, focusing on the development of the Universe 6 team. The arc explores the backstory of characters like Hit, Frost, and Cabba, setting the stage for their later participation in the grand tournament.

This arc presents intriguing character dynamics and showcases the growth of the Universe 6 warriors. Hit’s time-manipulating abilities and Cabba’s Super Saiyan transformation add layers of excitement to the battles. The Universe Survival: Universe 6 arc lays the foundation for the intense clashes to come, establishing the significance of each universe’s team and their unique abilities.

9. Goku Black Arc

The Goku Black arc introduces a mysterious villain who masquerades as Goku, terrorizing different timelines and eradicating mortals. Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks join forces to uncover the truth behind Goku Black’s identity and put an end to his reign of terror.

This arc blends elements of time travel, alternate realities, and powerful adversaries. The introduction of the Super Saiyan Rose transformation adds intrigue and showcases Goku Black’s immense power. The battles against Goku Black and his partner, Zamasu, challenge our heroes both physically and emotionally. The Goku Black arc weaves a complex narrative, offering fans a unique and compelling storyline.

10. Battle of Universe 7 Arc

The Battle of Universe 7 arc marks the culmination of Dragon Ball Super, bringing together the strongest warriors from various universes for an epic showdown. As the Tournament of Power reaches its climax, Goku, Vegeta, and their allies must face the overwhelming power of Jiren, the Pride Troopers, and other formidable opponents.

This arc delivers breathtaking battles, showcasing the growth of characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17. The intense clashes and strategic maneuvers highlight the true extent of each fighter’s strength and skills. The Battle of Universe 7 arc serves as an epic finale to Dragon Ball Super, leaving a lasting impression on fans.

11. Universe Survival: Tournament of Power Arc

The Tournament of Power arc serves as the grand culmination of Dragon Ball Super, bringing together warriors from various universes to compete for the survival of their respective homes. As Universe 7 faces off against formidable opponents, including Jiren, the stakes have never been higher.

This arc delivers non-stop action and intense battles, showcasing the strength, skills, and teamwork of the Universe 7 team. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form takes center stage, demonstrating unparalleled power and agility. The Tournament of Power arc is an unforgettable spectacle of power and determination as the fate of multiple universes hangs in the balance.

12. Broly Arc

The Broly arc reintroduces the legendary Super Saiyan Broly into the Dragon Ball Super continuity, providing an in-depth exploration of his character and power. Goku, Vegeta, and their allies find themselves in a desperate battle against this immensely powerful foe.

This arc showcases jaw-dropping battles and introduces new transformations, such as Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta fusion. The clash between Broly and the Saiyan warriors pushes their limits and presents a visual spectacle for fans. The Broly arc brings new dimensions to an iconic character and solidifies his place in Dragon Ball Super lore.

13. Universe Survival: Tournament Preparation Arc

The Universe Survival: Tournament Preparation arc sets the stage for the grand Tournament of Power, as Goku and his friends assemble a team of warriors from Universe 7. This arc explores the recruitment process and showcases the training and preparations undertaken by the team.

While not as action-packed as other arcs, this storyline delves into the dynamics between the different fighters and their individual strengths. The tournament preparation arc adds depth to the characters and builds anticipation for the epic battles to come. It serves as a crucial foundation for the subsequent events in Dragon Ball Super.

14. Zamasu Arc

The Zamasu arc introduces the Supreme Kai apprentice, Zamasu, and unravels a complex tale of alternate timelines and divine machinations. Goku and Future Trunks team up to combat this enigmatic adversary, culminating in a clash that spans multiple realities.

This arc delves into themes of power, justice, and the consequences of tampering with time. The battles against Zamasu and his fusion with Goku Black push our heroes to their limits and test their resolve. The Zamasu arc provides a thought-provoking storyline and offers a unique perspective on the consequences of seeking ultimate power.

15. Beerus Introduction Arc

The Beerus Introduction arc marks the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, introducing fans to the God of Destruction, Beerus, and his attendant, Whis. Goku and his allies must navigate the delicate balance of power in the universe while facing off against this formidable deity.

This arc sets the stage for future events in Dragon Ball Super and establishes Beerus as a central character in the series. The battles against Beerus showcase the immense power of the gods and the challenges faced by mortal warriors. The Beerus Introduction arc lays the foundation for the epic adventures that unfold throughout Dragon Ball Super.


We have reached the end of our ranking of the top ten Dragon Ball Super arcs. From universe-spanning tournaments to battles against powerful adversaries, Dragon Ball Super has delivered an incredible array of storylines that have captivated fans worldwide. Each arc offers unique strengths, skills, and battle histories, contributing to the rich tapestry of Dragon Ball Super’s lore.

Whether it’s the intense battles of the Tournament of Power or the character-driven narratives of the Zamasu arc, Dragon Ball Super continues to push the boundaries of excitement and storytelling. It’s a series that has left an indelible impact on fans and solidified its place as a beloved addition to the Dragon Ball franchise.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the top ten Dragon Ball Super arcs. May the spirit of Dragon Ball Super continue to inspire and entertain fans for years to come.

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