Top Ten Most Memorable Fights in One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man, renowned for its action-packed battles and unique humor, has delivered numerous unforgettable fights throughout its manga and anime adaptations. In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into the top ten most memorable fights in One-Punch Man, examining the incredible strength, skills, and battle histories displayed by the combatants. Join us as we relive the epic clashes that have left a lasting impact on fans.

Saitama vs. Boros – The Battle of Limitless Power

A Clash of Unparalleled Strength: The fight between Saitama, the One-Punch Man, and Lord Boros, the Dominator of the Universe, is an iconic showdown that pushes both combatants to their limits. Despite Boros’ overwhelming power and his ability to regenerate, Saitama’s unmatched strength proves too much for him. This fight showcases Saitama’s power and highlights his longing for a true challenge.

Genos vs. Saitama – The Test of Resolve

A Duel Between Teacher and Disciple: The battle between Genos, Saitama’s disciple, and his mentor is a memorable confrontation that tests Genos’ resolve. Despite Genos’ intense determination and powerful attacks, Saitama effortlessly deflects and counters his disciple’s onslaught. This fight highlights the vast power gap between the two and emphasizes Saitama’s role as an unparalleled force.

Garou vs. Class A Heroes – The Evolution of a Monster

A Rampage against Heroes: Garou, the Hero Hunter, engages in a series of intense battles against various Class A heroes, showcasing his evolving strength and combat skills. Garou’s relentless pursuit of becoming a monster challenges the heroes to their limits, forcing them to fight with all their might. These battles demonstrate Garou’s tenacity and determination to surpass his adversaries.

Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic – The Clash of Speed and Power

A Fast-paced Encounter: The clash between Saitama and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, a highly skilled ninja, is a battle of speed versus power. Sonic’s lightning-fast attacks and agility are no match for Saitama’s overwhelming strength, as the One-Punch Man effortlessly defeats his opponent. This fight exemplifies Saitama’s ability to overcome formidable adversaries with a single punch.

Tatsumaki vs. Saitama – The Battle of Psychic Forces

A Display of Telekinetic Power: The encounter between Tatsumaki, the Tornado of Terror, and Saitama presents a captivating clash of psychic forces. Tatsumaki’s immense telekinetic powers initially overwhelm Saitama, but he ultimately showcases his invincibility. This fight emphasizes Saitama’s unique abilities and highlights the challenge of finding an opponent who can truly challenge him.

Deep Sea King vs. Mumen Rider – The Heroic Stand

A Hero’s Unyielding Spirit: The battle between the Deep Sea King and Mumen Rider, a C-Class hero, is a remarkable display of heroism. Despite being outmatched in strength and abilities, Mumen Rider refuses to back down, standing up against the monstrous threat to protect the innocent. This fight symbolizes the indomitable spirit of heroism in the face of overwhelming odds.

Saitama vs. Carnage Kabuto – The Unleashing of Power

A Battle Against Rampaging Fury: Saitama’s clash with Carnage Kabuto, a ferocious monster, reveals the immense power of the One-Punch Man. Despite Carnage Kabuto’s relentless attacks and transformations, Saitama remains unfazed, effortlessly defeating him with a single punch. This fight serves as a testament to Saitama’s unmatched strength and his ability to overpower even the most fearsome adversaries.

Garou vs. Hero Association – The Confrontation with Heroes

A One-Man Army against Heroes: Garou’s confrontation with numerous heroes from the Hero Association showcases his unruly strength and martial prowess. Engaging in a relentless battle against a multitude of heroes, Garou’s ferocity and determination challenge the Hero Association’s ranks. This fight highlights Garou’s transformation into a formidable opponent capable of overwhelming even the most skilled heroes.

Saitama vs. Genos – The Battle of Destruction

A Display of Destructive Power: Saitama’s battle against Genos, his own disciple, becomes a showcase of devastating power and destruction. Despite Genos’ relentless attacks and his advanced weaponry, Saitama effortlessly withstands and counters each assault. This fight underscores the overwhelming strength and invincibility of the One-Punch Man.

Garou vs. Metal Bat – The Clash of Determination

A Battle Fueled by Unyielding Will: Garou’s clash with Metal Bat, a hot-blooded hero, portrays a fierce battle driven by determination and unwavering spirit. Metal Bat’s tenacity and refusal to back down prove to be a formidable challenge for Garou. This fight highlights the indomitable will of both combatants as they push themselves to their limits.

Saitama vs. Deep Sea King – The Heroic Intervention

A Clash of Heroes and Monsters: The battle between Saitama and the Deep Sea King showcases the power and determination of the One-Punch Man against a formidable opponent. Despite the Deep Sea King’s overwhelming strength and ability to regenerate, Saitama delivers a single punch that obliterates him. This fight highlights Saitama’s role as a true hero who steps in to protect the innocent.

Bang, Bomb, and Genos vs. Elder Centipede – The Desperate Defense

A Battle against an Ancient Monster: The combined efforts of Bang, Bomb, and Genos against the Elder Centipede demonstrate the heroes’ strength and strategic thinking. Their relentless attacks and coordination aim to defeat the colossal monster threatening the city. This fight reveals the heroes’ determination to protect humanity and showcases their combined power in the face of overwhelming danger.

Garou vs. Metal Bat and Tanktop Master – The Heroic Resistance

A Test of Heroic Resolve: Garou’s encounters with Metal Bat and Tanktop Master exhibit the heroes’ unwavering determination to protect the innocent. Despite Garou’s overwhelming strength and fighting skills, Metal Bat and Tanktop Master refuse to back down, demonstrating their unyielding spirit and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. This fight highlights the indomitable heroism that exists within the world of One-Punch Man.

Saitama vs. Boros – The Final Blow

A Punch that Shatters Limits: The climactic conclusion of the battle between Saitama and Lord Boros features Saitama delivering a final punch that obliterates Boros and his ship. This punch represents the culmination of Saitama’s unrelenting strength and showcases the immense power that lies within him. This fight solidifies Saitama’s status as an unstoppable force, ending the battle with a single, unforgettable blow.

Atomic Samurai and Friends vs. Black Sperm – The Heroic Alliance

A Coalition Against an Unprecedented Threat: The joint effort of Atomic Samurai and his allies against Black Sperm demonstrates the power of teamwork and strategic planning. Facing the overwhelming multiplying abilities of Black Sperm, the heroes must pool their skills and strength to overcome this formidable opponent. This fight showcases the heroes’ resilience and ability to work together in the face of extraordinary challenges.

Saitama vs. Garou – The Clash of Ideals

A Battle of Philosophy and Power: The epic clash between Saitama and Garou represents a confrontation between different ideologies. Garou, driven by his desire to become a true monster, challenges Saitama’s beliefs and quest for a worthy opponent. Despite Garou’s incredible strength and techniques, Saitama’s overwhelming power remains unchallenged, leaving Garou to question his own path. This fight explores the deeper themes of the series and leaves a lasting impact on both characters and readers.

Metal Bat vs. Elder Centipede – The Indomitable Spirit

A Solo Stand against Monstrous Threat: Metal Bat’s solitary battle against the Elder Centipede showcases his unwavering determination and fighting spirit. Despite being outmatched in size and power, Metal Bat refuses to back down, using his fighting spirit and his trusty metal bat to launch relentless attacks against the colossal creature. This fight exemplifies the hero’s tenacity and his ability to face insurmountable odds with unwavering resolve.

Garou vs. Watchdog Man – The Canine Confrontation

A Battle of Beasts: The fight between Garou and Watchdog Man pits two formidable forces against each other. Watchdog Man, a mysterious hero with canine traits, showcases incredible speed and agility as he defends his territory. Garou, fueled by his desire to become a monster, tests his skills against this powerful opponent. This fight highlights the clash of unique abilities and the intensity of their encounter.

Saitama vs. Mosquito Girl – The Swatting of Insects

A Humorous Yet Memorable Encounter: Saitama’s battle against Mosquito Girl may seem trivial at first, but it exemplifies his ability to deal with even the smallest of threats. Mosquito Girl’s swarm of blood-sucking insects proves to be no match for Saitama’s overwhelming power, resulting in a comedic yet memorable confrontation. This fight showcases Saitama’s ability to handle any adversary with ease.

Metal Bat vs. Garou – The Clash of Determination (Round 2)

A Rematch Fueled by Resolve: Metal Bat’s second encounter with Garou becomes a test of their unwavering determination. Metal Bat’s indomitable spirit and his desire to protect his sister drive him to face Garou once again. Despite Garou’s increased strength and skills, Metal Bat’s fighting spirit and his trusty metal bat prove to be formidable obstacles for his opponent. This rematch highlights the enduring resolve of both combatants.

Saitama vs. Carnage Kabuto – The Unleashing of Power (Round 2)

A Revisited Battle against Rampaging Fury: Saitama’s second battle with Carnage Kabuto showcases his unmatched power once again. Despite Carnage Kabuto’s transformations and relentless attacks, Saitama remains unfazed, eventually delivering a single punch that defeats him. This fight emphasizes Saitama’s invincibility and serves as a reminder of his overwhelming strength, even against opponents who seem unbeatable.

Garou vs. Bang – The Student versus Master

A Battle of Philosophy and Martial Arts: Garou’s confrontation with his former master, Bang, highlights the clash of ideals and martial arts prowess. Garou’s evolving strength and his desire to become a true monster challenge Bang’s traditional heroism. This fight showcases the intricacies of martial arts and the complex relationship between master and student. It leaves a lasting impact on both characters and readers alike.

Saitama vs. Sonic – The Clash of Speed and Power (Round 2)

A Rekindled Rivalry: Saitama’s second encounter with Sonic, the swift and skilled ninja, reignites their rivalry. Despite Sonic’s increased speed and improved techniques, Saitama’s overwhelming power once again proves to be insurmountable. This fight reinforces the vast gap between their abilities and further solidifies Saitama’s unrivaled strength.

Tatsumaki vs. Psykos – The Battle of Psychic Forces (Round 2)

A Showdown Between Powerhouses: Tatsumaki’s rematch with Psykos, the powerful psychic and leader of the Monster Association, showcases the extent of their telekinetic abilities. The clash between these two powerhouses creates a spectacle of destructive force and displays the limits of their immense powers. This fight emphasizes the sheer scale of their psychic abilities and the impact they have on their surroundings.


In this analysis, we delved into the last few memorable fights in One-Punch Man. From Garou’s battles against Watchdog Man and Bang to Saitama’s encounters with Mosquito Girl and Sonic, each fight leaves a lasting impression on the series and its fans. These memorable clashes highlight the diverse range of abilities, the complexities of relationships, and the immense power that exists within the world of One-Punch Man.

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