The Top Strongest Yonko in One Piece


One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, has captivated audiences worldwide with its epic storytelling, diverse characters, and rich world-building. Within the vast and treacherous seas of the One Piece universe, there exist four exceptionally powerful pirate captains known as the Yonko. These formidable individuals command the respect and fear of all who dare to sail the Grand Line. In this article series, we will explore the top ten strongest Yonko in One Piece, delving into their powers, achievements, and the impact they have had on the world.

Who are the Yonko?

The Yonko, also referred to as the Four Emperors, are the four most influential and dominant pirate captains in the world of One Piece. Each Yonko controls a territory in the New World, the treacherous second half of the Grand Line. These territories serve as their base of operations and are often referred to as their “empires.” The Yonko are renowned for their immense power, both in terms of physical strength and political influence.

The Balance of Power

The existence of the Yonko ensures a delicate balance of power in the world of One Piece. They act as a deterrent to the World Government, maintaining a sort of uneasy peace. The Yonko are so strong and influential that any attempt by the World Government to eliminate them could potentially plunge the world into chaos. As a result, the Yonko are allowed to operate freely within their territories, but they are also subjected to the scrutiny and monitoring of the Marines.

Ranking the Yonko

Ranking the Yonko in terms of their strength is no easy task, as their power levels are constantly changing and are influenced by various factors. However, based on their overall portrayal in the story and their respective reputations, we have compiled a list of the top ten strongest Yonko in One Piece. This ranking takes into account their physical abilities, haki mastery, devil fruit powers, crew strength, and their impact on the world.

5. Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach)

Blackbeard, also known as Marshall D. Teach, is the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the newest Yonko to rise to power. He possesses an incredibly rare and powerful ability: the ability to wield two Devil Fruit powers simultaneously. With the powers of the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi, Blackbeard can control darkness and create devastating earthquakes. His cunning and ambition have allowed him to amass a formidable crew and gain control over multiple territories in the New World.

4. Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin)

Big Mom, also known as Charlotte Linlin, is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the most feared Yonko. She possesses an immensely powerful Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Soru Soru no Mi, which allows her to manipulate souls. Big Mom’s sheer physical strength combined with her ability to infuse life force into inanimate objects makes her a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, she commands a vast army of powerful homies, making her empire a formidable stronghold.

3. Kaido (Kaido of the Beasts)

Kaido, known as Kaido of the Beasts, is the captain of the Beasts Pirates and one of the most powerful beings in the One Piece world. He possesses an ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit called Uo Uo no Mi, which allows him to transform into a massive, indestructible dragon. Kaido’s physical strength and durability are virtually unmatched, and his reputation as an “indestructible” creature has earned him the title of “Strongest Creature in the World.” With his crew and an impressive arsenal of weapons, Kaido has dominated Wano Country and poses a significant threat to the world at large.

2. Shanks (Red-Haired Shanks)

Shanks, also known as Red-Haired Shanks, is one of the most respected and influential Yonko. Despite not possessing a Devil Fruit power, Shanks is a master of all three types of Haki: Observation Haki, Armament Haki, and Conqueror’s Haki. His combat skills are extraordinary, and he has been able to maintain a powerful crew of loyal and capable individuals. Shanks’ reputation as a fair and honorable pirate has earned him the respect of both friend and foe alike.

1. Whitebeard (Edward Newgate)

Whitebeard, also known as Edward Newgate, is widely regarded as one of the strongest pirates to have ever sailed the seas. His Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, the Gura Gura no Mi, grants him the power to create destructive shockwaves capable of causing earthquakes. Whitebeard’s immense physical strength, combined with his mastery of Haki, made him a force to be feared. His influence and control over his vast territories earned him the title of “World’s Strongest Man” during his time as a Yonko.


In this section, we explored the powers and achievements of the first five Yonko on our list of the top ten strongest Yonko in One Piece. From the darkness-wielding Blackbeard to the indomitable Whitebeard, these Yonko have shaped the world with their strength and ambitions. Stay tuned for the final part of our article series, where we will reveal the remaining five Yonko and conclude our journey through the world of One Piece.

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