The Revolutionary Army’s Plan to Overthrow the World Government


In the vast and intricate world of One Piece, the Revolutionary Army stands as a clandestine organization with a singular purpose: to overthrow the oppressive World Government. Led by the enigmatic Monkey D. Dragon, this revolutionary force is driven by a powerful ideology of freedom, justice, and liberation. In this in-depth analysis, we will explore the Revolutionary Army’s plan, their strengths and skills, and their significant battles throughout the series. Join us as we dive into the depths of this revolutionary movement that seeks to reshape the world.

Origins and Ideology

The Revolutionary Army’s origins and the enigma surrounding its leader, Monkey D. Dragon, have long been shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, their ideology and determination to challenge the authority of the World Government have become widely known. The Revolutionary Army believes in dismantling the oppressive system and ushering in a new era of liberty and equality for all.

Overthrowing the World Government

The primary objective of the Revolutionary Army is to overthrow the World Government, an entity that exercises control over vast regions of the world. This global government’s corruption, manipulation, and suppression of information have ignited the revolutionary spirit within the hearts of its members. Their ultimate aim is to dismantle the existing power structure and create a world that operates on principles of fairness, transparency, and true freedom.

Strategies and Tactics

To achieve their ambitious goal, the Revolutionary Army employs a range of strategies and tactics. Operating from the shadows, they meticulously plan their moves, aiming to undermine the World Government’s control and influence. Their tactics include intelligence gathering, infiltration, sabotage, and targeted attacks on key government installations and figures. By eroding the foundations of the oppressive regime, the Revolutionary Army aims to weaken the World Government’s grip on power.

Revolutionary Commanders: Strength in Unity

The Revolutionary Army is fortified by a roster of powerful commanders who bring their unique skills and strengths to the cause. These commanders, handpicked by Monkey D. Dragon, exemplify the values and ideals of the Revolutionary Army. Each commander possesses exceptional combat abilities, strategic acumen, and unwavering loyalty to the cause. Together, they form a formidable force that strikes fear into the hearts of the World Government.

The Revolutionary Army’s Network

The Revolutionary Army operates on a global scale, maintaining a vast network of sympathizers, informants, and allies. Their influence extends to all corners of the world, as they recruit individuals dissatisfied with the World Government’s tyranny. Through their network, the Revolutionary Army disseminates information, sparks revolutionary sentiment, and fosters unity among disparate groups who share the same vision of a world free from oppression.

Unleashing Power: The Strengths and Skills of the Revolutionary Army

Monkey D. Dragon: The Revolutionary Leader

Monkey D. Dragon, the enigmatic and revered leader of the Revolutionary Army, possesses formidable strength and influence. While his true abilities remain shrouded in mystery, his reputation as the “World’s Most Wanted Man” reflects his immense power. Dragon’s charisma, strategic brilliance, and unwavering dedication to the cause inspire his followers and strike fear into the hearts of the World Government.

Sabo: The Flame of Revolution

Sabo, the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, is a key figure in their ranks. Having consumed the Flame-Flame Fruit, Sabo commands the power of fire. His pyrokinetic abilities grant him devastating offensive capabilities and make him a formidable opponent in battle. Sabo’s exceptional combat skills, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty to the cause make him a vital asset in the Revolutionary Army’s fight against the World Government.

Revolutionary Commanders: Masters of Combat

The Revolutionary Army boasts a roster of powerful commanders, each bringing their unique skills and strengths to the revolution. These commanders, including the likes of Karasu, Morley, and Belo Betty, possess exceptional combat prowess and strategic minds. Whether it be Karasu’s ability to transform into crows, Morley’s impressive size and earth manipulation, or Belo Betty’s power to instill courage in her allies, each commander contributes to the Revolutionary Army’s overall power and effectiveness.

Hacking and Information Warfare

The Revolutionary Army is not limited to conventional combat skills alone. They possess a group of skilled hackers and information specialists who wage a different kind of battle. Their expertise in infiltrating databases, decrypting classified information, and spreading the truth through various means helps expose the World Government’s corruption and manipulations. Through hacking and information warfare, the Revolutionary Army chips away at the foundations of the oppressive regime.

The Power of Unity

One of the greatest strengths of the Revolutionary Army lies in their unity and shared purpose. United by their desire for freedom and justice, the members of the Revolutionary Army fight as one cohesive force. Their unwavering loyalty to Monkey D. Dragon and their commitment to the cause bind them together, creating a formidable army that stands against the World Government’s oppression.

Battlegrounds of Change: Revolutionary Army’s Significant Battles

Battle of Baltigo: Clash with the Blackbeard Pirates

One of the most significant battles involving the Revolutionary Army was the Battle of Baltigo. It was a covert clash between the Revolutionary Army and the notorious Blackbeard Pirates, led by Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard. The battle erupted when the Blackbeard Pirates discovered the Revolutionary Army’s hidden stronghold.

This fierce confrontation showcased the Revolutionary Army’s resilience and determination to protect their base. Led by Monkey D. Dragon and his commanders, they fiercely defended Baltigo against the relentless assault of the Blackbeard Pirates. Though the outcome of the battle remains undisclosed, it was a testament to the Revolutionary Army’s commitment to their cause.

Liberation of Dressrosa: Toppling the Tyrant

The Revolutionary Army played a significant role in the liberation of the kingdom of Dressrosa from the tyrannical rule of Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the Warlords of the Sea. In this battle, the Revolutionary Army coordinated their efforts with the Straw Hat Pirates and the Dressrosa rebels.

Their joint operations involved disrupting the Warlord’s control over the kingdom, exposing his criminal activities, and rallying the citizens against him. The Revolutionary Army’s involvement added a crucial layer to the conflict, as their objective aligned with dismantling the oppressive system upheld by the World Government.

Infiltration of Mariejois: A Bold Move

In a daring move, the Revolutionary Army infiltrated the holy land of Mariejois, the sacred capital of the World Government. This audacious operation aimed to strike at the heart of the government’s power and expose their corruption to the world. The details of the infiltration and its outcome remain largely unknown, adding to the air of mystery surrounding the Revolutionary Army’s actions.

Battle of Reverie: Disrupting the Gathering

The Revolutionary Army’s presence during the Reverie, a grand council attended by the leaders of the world, marked a significant turning point. Their operatives, disguised among the delegates, aimed to disrupt the gathering and challenge the authority of the World Government. While the full extent of their actions during the Reverie remains shrouded in secrecy, their mere presence sent shockwaves through the establishment.

Shaking the Foundations: The Revolutionary Army’s Impact

Challenging the World Government’s Authority

The Revolutionary Army’s actions have been instrumental in challenging the authority of the World Government. By openly opposing the oppressive regime, they have ignited hope among the oppressed, inspiring others to question the government’s control and envision a different world. The Revolutionary Army’s audacity and defiance have served as a rallying cry for those yearning for freedom and justice.

Spreading the Flames of Revolution

One of the Revolutionary Army’s most significant impacts lies in their ability to spread the flames of revolution. Through their network and covert operations, they disseminate information, expose the government’s corruption, and ignite revolutionary sentiment across the world of One Piece. Their actions have inspired countless individuals to rise against the injustices perpetuated by the World Government.

Uncovering the Truth

The Revolutionary Army plays a vital role in uncovering the truth behind the World Government’s manipulation and propaganda. Their hackers and information specialists work tirelessly to expose the government’s hidden agendas, ensuring that the world is not deceived by their façade of control and order. By revealing the truth, the Revolutionary Army undermines the legitimacy of the World Government and erodes their grip on power.

Inspiring Allies and Alliances

The Revolutionary Army’s unwavering commitment to their cause has attracted allies and forged alliances. Their dedication to freedom and justice resonates with various groups and individuals who share a common desire for change. Through their actions and ideologies, the Revolutionary Army forms bonds with like-minded individuals and organizations, creating a network of revolutionaries united in their fight against the World Government.

Impact on the Straw Hat Pirates

The Revolutionary Army’s impact extends beyond their battles and operations. Their connection to Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, adds a personal dimension to their struggle. Luffy’s friendship with Sabo and the ideals they share provide a direct link between the Revolutionary Army and the Straw Hat crew. The Revolutionary Army’s influence has shaped Luffy’s resolve to challenge the World Government and fight for a world of freedom and adventure.


The Revolutionary Army’s impact on the world of One Piece is profound and far-reaching. Their relentless struggle against the World Government challenges the established order, inspires revolutionary sentiment, and exposes the truth behind the government’s façade. Through their actions, they ignite the flames of revolution and forge alliances with like-minded individuals. As the story continues to unfold, the Revolutionary Army remains a powerful force driving the narrative forward and reshaping the world of One Piece.

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