Ao no Exorcist – an emotional rollercoaster!

I’m writing it on the last day of 2022 with sadness, so I want to try writing something in English. Recently, Ao no exorcist season 3 has been officially confirmed. There is yet a release date for the third season of this anime series. However, this news really hypes Ao-no fans up!

Brief introduction:

  • Genre: shounen, mystery
  • Author: Kazue Katou
  • Anime adaption: Ao no exorcist (2011); Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen


This series is about Rin Okumura appearing as an ordinary and troublesome teenager, who easily gets a bad temper. One day, after a quarrel with his father, he was ambushed by a demon. His world has turned upside down since he discovered the truth that Rin and his twin brother, Yukio, were the sons of Satan.

How good emotion in Ao no Exorcist:

As a shounen manga with a typical brave main character like Rin Okumura, what makes Ao no exorcist different is its emotional flow. In this series, all the characters, even the supporting characters, have unique personalities. The plot is fantastic because each character has a sufficiently compelling reason to justify their actions. They are all illustrated by their own personality which makes them remarkable enough.

Both Rin and his twin brother (Yukio) have an inferiority complex. Rin’s power keeps his distance from his friends. Not just the loneliness, after knowing his birth caused thousands of people’s deaths, he felt shame and guilt. Yukio is known as an outstanding student who pass the entrance exam with the highest score. However, he confronted the frightened since he could see things from the other world. Throughout the series, either Rin or Yukio must handle their unstable feeling which is not usually portrayed in a shounen manga. Rin and Yukio treasure each other but also l have many conflicting feelings about each other.

The supporting characters “naturally” accept Rin via a process. Suguru or Miwa had to solve their contradicted feelings toward Rin because of Rin’s status. They did not accept him at first even though clearly understood that Rin has no choice but to be born and process such an unpredicted power. They only gradually accepted him since they had experienced a hard time together.

I think that if you want to know how good this series is, you must try the manga by Kazue Katou. This is my first time writing sth in English, so maybe it is not quite easy to understand but I hope that you can enjoy this post.

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